Fuel Sites. U-Shape Designs.

U-Shape bollards or as some call them Horse Shoe bollards are typically found at gas sites on the end cap. We designed a U-Wrapcover that will slide directly over the U-Shape bollard. The one challenge of this type of bollard is no size standardization. We have seen dozens of different lengths and widths at gas sites.

The solution. We use a special Spandex-Micro fiber that will stretch vertically and horizontal without distorting the image. Below are the 2 sizes we produce and a chart showing what size bollards they will cover. 

  1. (36" W  x 35" H) Medium to large bollards. Will fit bollards at your site from 38-50" W x 34-50" H
  2. (30" W x 28" H) Small to Medium bollards. Will fit bollards at your site from 32"-44" W x 40"